What is Pura Vida?

PURA VIDA is a term coined in Costa Rica meant to represent a state of being, an attitude, a lifestyle. Although commonly used as a greeting or farewell, it emphasizes "friendliness, warmth, welcoming, and the commitment to enjoying LIFE to the fullest." It is a way of living, a motto used to express perseverance, unification and good fortune. 

Who Are We?

We are a NYC-based performance team, focusing on the sensual and urban fusion side of Bachata. Founded in 2011, we have taught and performed at various congresses across the US, Canada and Western Europe. Our members come from professional backgrounds ranging from Accounting/Taxation, Engineering, Advocates of labor equality, Teachers and full-time college students. Our love for Bachata gave us a common interest, our passion for Dance made us family.

Our Story

Pura Vida was founded by four ambitious dancers, eager to learn with a passion for Bachata. In September of 2011, they entered the first annual Bachata team competition in the Bachata room at the New York International Salsa Congress. They practiced for countless hours in an empty living room and in a matter of 5 weeks came up with their first routine.

Looking for a name to call themselves, they chose "Pura Vida" because of what the phrase meant to them. The bond these individuals shared was something that extended well beyond the dance floor. To the public they were an upcoming dance team, to each other they were FAMILY. Hence the motto, "more than just dance, it's a lifestyle!"

They came out placing 2nd in the competition at which point they saw the potential in themselves. Ever since then, Pura Vida has been working hard by training with some of the best talent out there and building their strong foundations around hard-working individuals that share the same vision & passion for dance. 


The performance aspect of the company. With 3 teams (semi-pro, training and All-ladies Bachata Styling) we grow our dancers from a basic beginner and guide them through their tenure with PVDC.

Our goal is to build well-rounded dancers in the areas of performing, social dancing and overall presence.


Focuses on providing friendly, social environments for the public regardless of team / studio affiliation. We host monthly socials (dance parties) and specialty workshops from time to time.

We understand that the costs of taking dance lessons and going to socials to practice these moves can add up. This is why our mission is to provide these settings to the public at reasonably, affordable prices so everyone can enjoy!


An initiative to give back to our community and its surroundings. We understand not everyone is fortunate to experience what others may take for granted. We aspire to inspire our community and raise awareness in helping those in need, any which way possible.

We hope that through our dancing, and with the community it serves, we can spread this message and make a difference, one community at a time.